The Great Gatsby // Movies

Hello everyone!
Hope you’ve had a grand day!

Tonight I wanted to tell you about an amazing movie I saw in theatres last week, and haven’t had a chance to write about: The Great Gatsby.

(Image taken from the Vancouver Sun)

It’s been a really long time since I read the book, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But “The Great Gatsby” on film was absolutely amazing! Baz Luhrmann did a fantastic job as usual, representing the culture and lifestyle of the 20s with his own twist. The soundtrack was modern and included works by Jay-Z (producer), Beyonce (but of course), Lana Del Rey, Fergie, Jack White, Florence + The Machine, and others. However, the music was tasteful and didn’t detract from the 20s atmosphere at all.

The costumes and makeup were gorgeous, and looked exactly like pictures you might see from that decade. Leo DiCaprio’s acting was incredible (old sport), as well as Carey Mulligan. It really was a perfect tale of lost love. Tobey Maguire’s character was a little “meh”, but in all honesty I think that was the point. The story wasn’t about him after all!

Thanks for reading, check back tomorrow night for my next post, a review of a couple of NARS products I have splurged on recently!

Until next time,
Liv šŸ™‚

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