The Shameful Things I Do

Hellooooooo, hope you’ve had a marvellous day!
I bet you’re doing more eventful things than I am right now…
Unless you’ve been living under a rock*, I think you probably know who these beautiful boys are:

Yep, it’s One Direction. I think if you are between the ages of 12 and 25, you have probably heard their music. And although you may not want to admit it, you probably liked it just a little bit. Myself on the other hand…. well I am a full blown Directioner. I love these boys and their music. Not in the creepy-stalker-posters-everywhere-marry-me-teenager kind of way, but in a mature you-are-attractive-call-me kind of way.

So what am I doing on this summery (for Canada) Tuesday night? Well, I am sitting in my room with the radio on, waiting for the fateful moment when they give the cue to call and win One Direction tickets. It’s all very intense.

So, keep sending me good vibes as I try persistently to receive the golden tickets!

Until next time,
Liv (fingers crossed)

*If you actually have been living under a rock, sorry about your luck.

I will be trying again tomorrow…. *sniff sniff*

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