What Does the Fox Say?

Hey everyone!
Welcome back!

This post is going to be a bit of a different, personal one! I was talking to my friend, Kim (check out her blog here) about what I was going to write about tonight. She told me I should write about what I’m excited for in ‘Septober’. So that is what I am going to do!

In Septober, I am excited to start getting healthy. I have always been a bigger individual, and I have always hated it. But not quite enough that I really did anything about it. Sure, I have done diets and joined the gym, but I have never stuck to it.

One of my favourite things to do is discover new YouTubers and watch lots of their videos. In the past couple of days, I have stumbled across the various channels of the Shaytards. If you’ve heard of them, you might know that Shaycarl, the daddy of the family, had a pretty awesome weight loss journey and got himself in great shape. I have to say, this really inspired me. So a few days ago I decided to start getting healthy and in shape. It’s not going to be easy, or quick by any means, but I’m really excited to see what I can accomplish and to keep you all posted.

Don’t worry, just as I said this was not going to become a religious blog, it’s not going to be a weight loss blog either. This is just going to be one of the many lifestyle topics I mention every once in a while.

So, here I go! Well… not right at this moment. I’m currently working on three school assignments while listening to a loop of S Club 7, Luke Bryan, and the ever popular song “What Does the Fox Say”.

Until next time!
Liv xx

3 thoughts on “What Does the Fox Say?

  1. Hi Liv! I just found your blog through your ad on SprinkleofGlitter and I really enjoy reading your blog. Just like you I have been big almost all my life and tried to lose weight but never stuck to it. I now am more motivated then ever and I write about it on my blog to, hoping to keep others motivated too. It's more of a lifestyle blog, but ey! getting healthier is also a lifestyle 🙂

    I hope your keeping up!

    xoxo Anne ~ http://lifeasarollingstone.blogspot.com


  2. Awwwww yeah! Getting fit is something I've begun many times, and never followed through. It's choices we make for our whole lives that will make a difference, not just a sudden urge or need to feel fitter or loose weight or whatever. I'm starting again, following the fasting plan and exercising three times a week AND giving up smoking for the second time. Good luck with your endeavour, I'll be keeping an eye on your progress for inspiration! 🙂


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