The Most Awkward First Date Ever.

Oh hello again!

Surprised to see me so soon? It just so happens that I have no major schoolwork this weekend, so I plan on writing a few posts for your enjoyment.

Today I want to tell you a cringe-worthy life encounter of mine. Let’s title it:


We set our scene in a mall. I was there with my best friend, who had been dating this guy for about 3 months. Just as I finished looking at the leggings and moved on to the dresses, my friend announced that her boyfriend was coming to the mall, and we were going to a movie. Not only this, but he was bringing his roommate. Oh. Okay.

One thing that she failed to mention, however, was that this roommate was painfully shy. And by painfully shy, I mean SILENT. We entered the movie theatre and were seated, and cue the silence.

Here is the best part. Upon being seated and waiting for the film to start, my friend from home called. A friend who is not very emotionally stable, and who was in “crisis”. I was then required to calm her down from my movie theatre seat.

When the movie ended, we checked our phones to find that we had missed the last bus. “Let’s walk home!” was the bright idea of the night. I was then required to walk next to this boy for the entirety of the 20+ minute walk home, in SILENCE.

Now, I bet you want to ask me “but Liv, why didn’t you say anything?” I have asked myself that question, many times. Well, my own anxiety took over in this lovely situation, and I was at a loss for words. Thus making this the MOST AWKWARD FIRST DATE EVER (in my life anyway).

I have since recovered from this tragic event, moving on to bigger and better things. I have even SPOKEN to that boy on a few tipsy run-ins at the club. But I knew it was probably a good thing that I did not date this boy, as I later found out that he was sleeping with a 57 year old mall custodian. I still never fail to cringe every time I look back on this occasion, and thought I would share some of my embarrassment with you all on this fine weekend.

So, until next time!
Liv 🙂

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