Liv in London!!

Hey everybody, great news!

If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, you might be familiar with my previous plans to move to London for a year. You may also know that this plan did not work out due to other commitments and responsibilities! However, an exciting development has emerged.

From May 25th to June 8th, 2014, I will be flying with my bestest childhood friend, from Canada all the way to London! I can not even begin to describe how excited I am. This is something I have dreamed of doing for as long as I can remember (to be honest, probably since Winning London, the Mary Kate and Ashley movie was released). Not only that, but while in London I will be attending… drumroll please… a One Direction concert! If you read my old post about trying to win tickets this summer, then you will know that this makes my heart go all a-flutter just thinking about it.

Have you ever wanted something so bad your heart ached, and you finally got the chance to have it? This is how I feel right about now. Although my plans to live in London fell through, even just a small taste of life there will be enough to get me by for a little while. I can’t wait! The eight months until then feels like about 150 years right about now.

If you live in or have been to London before, what do you suggest we do? So far on the list are: the London Eye, the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and the other obvious tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace, etc. What are some of the less known places to go? Let me know some things that Expedia might not tell us about.

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Liv in London!!

  1. London is one of the best cities in the world! Everyone should get to visit. Be sure not to miss St Pauls Cathedral as well as museums like the V&A and museum of London and shopping on Portobello Road. I'd also recommend seeing the city from the river you can catch a boat opposite the London Eye to Greenwich which is one of my favourite things to do. Enjoy!


  2. I absolutely love London – you have to see a show while you're there! I'd recommend The Lion King or Wicked 🙂 also, if you're going to go on the London eye, go just after sunset. You'll be able to see the city in the light for a little bit and also all the lights when darkness falls 🙂 xx


  3. You will absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter Studio Tour. That was the highlight of my life in London haha. Also a good place to go for a bit of a different view would be the Camden Lock Market. They have some amazing food and fun shopping options there! Enjoy! 🙂
    xx Morgan


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