MeTube, YouTube!

Hey everybody,
welcome back! Just a little housekeeping for today, and I’ll be posting a regular lifestyle-ish post when I get home tonight! For now I just wanted to highlight a couple of things for you:

– I have a Twitter, you should go follow it here!

– My friend and I are working on a cool project for my YouTube channel, kind of as an official kick off. It involves filming at various locations, so it is going to be a little while in the making. So as a little treat, I decided to upload a funny little music video I made with a friend back in June. It’s nothing too special, but I thought I’d share it anyway! You can check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

– I want to make an “FAQ” page here on my blog. What I would love is if you could all post a question in the comments below, so I can compile them onto that page!

Well, now that all of that is out of the way, I’ll see you tonight with a crafty post.

Until next time,
Liv 🙂

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