Excitement Abounds

Hey all,

Welcome back!
Tonight I just wanted to do a quick post about something I gleefully snatched up off the shelf this afternoon.
(I forgot my camera at work, so a phone photo will have to do).
Bioderma micellaire solution (or micellaire water, whatever strikes your fancy) is something that several UK beauty bloggers have been raving about for quite some time now. Knowing that this is a product common in France, it never occurred to me that I might find it here in Canada. Well, well, well. Was I ever surprised and excited when I found this pretty bottle perched upon the shelf at Shoppers Drug Mart! 
Now, you may have guessed that this cost a pretty penny. Being an imported product, it doesn’t run cheap. At $22 for this small bottle, I probably won’t repurchase it no matter how amazing it is simply due to the price. However, prices are usually jacked up at Shoppers, so you may be able to find it for less at somewhere like Jean Coutu, a French pharmacy. 
As soon as I got home, I put on some dark eye makeup to test it out. When I say “makeup”, I really mean that I went for the Miranda Sings slap-it-on look.
But no matter. After holding a soaked cotton pad on my eye for about 30 seconds, all of my makeup (including waterproof mascara) came off with one swipe. Little spots needed to be swiped again, but you catch my drift. It’s a miracle worker! No rubbing necessary, the product does all the work to remove your makeup. I love it already!
Have you tried Bioderma? If so, where did you get it? Is there a cheaper way to obtain it in North America that I was unaware of? Also, what is your preferred makeup remover? Let me know in le comments!
Until next time,
Liv xx

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