My Whole Life is Old Navy

Hi, my name is Olivia, and I’m an Old Navy addict…

Dress and jean jacket from ON for my grad photos.

It all started about 5 years ago. For the longest time, I could never find a pair of jeans that would fit me just how I wanted them to. They were either too tight in the waist or too long in the legs, or too “mom-ish”, or too flared, etc… One day, my mom came home with some clothes for me and everything changed. She had been to Old Navy, and while I don’t usually like the clothes she picks out for me, I tried on the jeans anyway. They fit like a glove! I always thought that Old Navy had “old people” or “preppy clothes”. But since that day, I don’t think I have ever bought a pair of pants from anywhere else.

Rocking the Old Navy sweater, cami and
jeans which you can’t see while at Costco…

Seriously, Old Navy has clothes for every style and shape. Somehow, when I go into the store, I know I can pick up any shirt and as long as it’s my usual size, I don’t even have to try it on. Their jeans are actually the best. They fit just right, sucking in at all the right places. They’ve also got coloured and patterned pants which I just love and own a large variety of. They always have different dresses available, which vary in color, pattern and style but all seem to fit the same way. I wish I was kidding when I said that literally every article of clothing I wear on a regular basis is from Old Navy.

Dress from Old Navy at my BFFs wedding shower.

As someone who is considered “plus size” by most standards, I find it really hard to go into stores and not be able to shop in the “regular” section, instead having to scout out the Plus section. In Old Navy, there’s no such thing. All of their clothes go up to size XXL and the pants go up to size 20 (I think possibly higher online as well). I can’t tell you how great it is to be able to walk into a store, and not worry about if I’ll find something that fits. The sky is the limit!

At the Justin Bieber concert in Quebec City!
Outfits of all three of us on the right…. Old Navy…
And I have the blue striped dress too. 

The final thing I love SO much about Old Navy is the prices. Some thrift shoppers of the world might walk in and think a lot of their clothes are a little pricey. However, if you sign up for their emails you’ll know that they pretty much always have some kind of sale going on. For example, last night I went and almost everything was 40% off! They also have “Super Cash” sometimes, where you earn Super Cash to use on another trip a few weeks later. Yesterday I got around $300 worth of clothes for $80! Can’t beat that!

Before you ask, this post is not sponsored (although Old Navy please hit me up if you’re interested because I basically keep you in business with my purchases alone…). I just wanted to share with the world where you can find great clothes for good prices, regardless of your size! If I could, I seriously would just live there.

Do you have a store that is like this for you? Do you shop at Old Navy often? Let me know!

Until next time,
Liv ❤


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