"The One", or Just "One"?

Hi all,

I’ve been doing some thinking lately, and I wanted to write my thoughts to try and make sense, and so you guys can weigh in if you like!

So, in my church I kind of mentor a girl in our youth group. She is 17 going on 30, and she actually helps me sometimes and has some really interesting thoughts and ideas. The other day, she texted me distressed after one of her classes.

You see, her teacher ruined love. Basically, she said that there is no such thing as one true soulmate, but possibly a few people around the world who you come into contact with and fall in love. So in her opinion, love is based on a series of “geographical happenings”. Well. How upset would you be as a 17 year old girl who thinks that everyone has ‘one true love’. It’s as if her dream was crushed! But this conversation got me thinking.

In this world, is there really only one person for us? One true love, or soulmate for everyone? I’m not so sure. If this was the case, then I think there would be a whole lot of people who never got married. What if my mom’s soulmate lived in China? I would never have existed. Well maybe, but I would have looked a bit different. What if Kate Middleton grew up in Papua New Guinea? Where would Prince George be now?

It could be true that love depends on ‘geographical happenings’. But maybe those geographical happenings are the work of “true love’s” magical forces bringing those two people together. Who knows, really?! What I do know is, I hope some geographical happenings come into my life sometime real soon! What do you guys think of this phenomenon?

Until next time,
Liv 🙂

Googles "Cheap Tickets South"

Well hello everyone!

If you live quite far north of the equator like I do, then it’s likely you have experienced the mid-winter blues. If you’re anything like me, you think that snow is for Christmas, and then it can kindly go away forever. I am really having those feels right about now. If you’ve been following the news at all, you will see that New England has been hit with some big winter storms this past week, and I don’t live too far from New England! This is about the time that I’m ready to pack up and move to Florida, or Australia, or any other equally warm place! The fact that my work keeps getting cancelled is not helping as well, and I’m starting to go a little bit shack wacky.

How do you keep busy when you’re snowed in! Any tips would be greatly appreciated….

Until next time!


Okay, so I didn’t promise that I’d blog about this all the time, but I also never said I wouldn’t at all either! 

Here I sit, on the couch. After downloading the “couch-to-5k” app, I have been gung ho to start running for a couple of days now. So tonight, although I have a wicked cold, I laced up my running shoes and hopped on the treadmill. I should also have mentioned that I have never ran a day in my life. Armed with my fitspiration playlist and my bottle of water, I did just what the app told me to do… A brisk walk. Hmmm! This is not so hard! But….
After about 5 minutes, a little voice chimed in through my headphones… “Let’s jog!” Whoa there Nelly, one step at a time here. But I did as I was told and quickened my pace. It took about one minute for me to start feeling light headed, and as soon as the cheerful lady said “walk” again, it was off the treadmill for me.
So we’re back to where we started. Back on the couch, I’m kind of feeling like I failed. Surely it can’t be that hard to walk for 1.5 minutes, run for one, and so on… Can it? Only time will tell.
How do you motivate yourself to do something you’ve really been dreading? Any tips appreciated…
Until next time!
Liv (gasping for air) Loves

Something Big….

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Liv Loves. It’s been one hell of a few months, but I had some spare seconds so I thought I’d check in!

“It’s like that feeling when you’re ’bout to win the medal, and you worked so hard that you knew you wouldn’t settle,”

‘Something Big’ by Shawn Mendes is one of my favourite songs right now, and not just because he is a fellow Canadian! I’ve had a feeling for some time now that 2015 is going to be a good year for a few reasons…

In 2015, I am going to get healthy. I have said this so many times before, but this year I really mean it. They say that there has to be a moment when you just decide, and that’s the end of it. Well, I’ve decided and I mean it! Last year I wanted to lose weight, and blog about it to keep me accountable. But then if I didn’t lose weight or didn’t have time to blog, I felt double bad. So I won’t say I’m going to blog about it this time, I’m just going to do it!

But that’s not the only thing that’s going to happen in 2015. This year, I am going to…

– see a dermatologist about finally getting my face cleared up;
– participate in a missions trip to a place I LOVE (post here);
– see 1D in concert again with amazing friends; and

I feel like I’ve been fighting (and losing) an uphill battle for the past year or so. But now it’s time to turn it around for the better. Let’s do this together! Let me know your goals for 2015 🙂

Until next time,
Liv ❤

Autism Speaks

Hey everyone!

It’s getting close to Halloween, aka my favourite time of year, and I am super excited! My friend and I are dressing up as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but we’re not going anywhere…. we’ll just be handing out treats at my house! What are your plans for Halloween?

I have recently been promoted to management at my job, and as such I have been doing training for the last couple of weeks. For anyone who doesn’t know, I work at a treatment clinic for preschool-aged children with autism. I am very passionate about this field, and I absolutely love my job and all of the kiddos I see!

As part of my training, we watched a BBC show about a girl named Rosie, who lives in the UK and has autism. When I saw this, it really struck a chord with me. I always find it so heart wrenching when we get to hear about autism from a person who is able to explain how their mind works and what they are experiencing. This is just a short video, but it is really eye-opening and I really encourage you to give it a watch!

Another great movie that helps explain how people with autism think and feel is Temple Grandin. This is about a real woman in Arizona who was very interested in cattle, and with her unique way of thinking was able to imagine and build systems that many farmers at the time could never dream of!

So, I just wanted to share something with you today that I am really passionate about, but I also want to know what you love! Let me know with some lovely comments 🙂

Until next time!
Liv xx

Run or Dye… But Mostly Die.

Hello there!

As you may recall, I had mentioned a while back (about February time) that I was going to be doing the Run or Dye 5k in June. Well, I did it! And it was HARD. To start, I was fully expecting it to take place on roads, so I thought nothing of wearing my Toms so that my new sneakers wouldn’t get dirty. However, it was actually on grass… and it had just rained. But I slid onward. Not only were we on grass, but also a SKI HILL. We walked downhill, uphill, around hill, and even fell on my hiney a time or two. At every kilometre, we were covered in powdered dye, and that was so much fun! We ended up missing one colour as I was too winded to make it up and down one hill, so we just cut through the trail markers and kept going! Anyway, I am very proud to say that I finished the Run or Dye 5K, and here are a few pictures to prove it! (All of these were taken before or after as I didn’t want to get my phone dirty!)

See you soon!
Liv xox

We’re All One Big Family

Hello there everyone!

I have had a very busy few weeks indeed. But they have certainly been wonderful! I wanted to tell you one of the reasons for that today… I have two new family members!

About two months and one month ago, respectively, I welcomed two precious little ones into my home in the form of… GUINEA PIGS!!!!

Bubbles and Archie are the new loves of my life, they are literally the cutest things I have ever owned. I got them out of a pretty frightful pet store situation (18 of them in one tank thing… yikes!) and had to spend a small fortune at the vet’s getting them free of lice and mites. But now they are healthy little piggies and I love them to pieces! The only thing is, they are just babies and they don’t always let me hold them.. at all! Anyone know about this? Comment below if ya do 🙂

There’s only so much you can say about guinea pigs really, so I’ll let these few pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Bubbles (left) and Archie (right) having a stare-down… they aren’t always the best of friends.

Until next time,
Liv, Bubbles, and Archie ❤

EuroTrip | Part 2

I’m back! I’m back! I promise I’m back!

Let’s get right into it, shall we? In my last post I left off with meeting James Bourne in the Dublin airport (legitimately can not believe I just typed those words all in one sentence… WHAAAAT?!)

When we arrived in London, we made our way to the Generator Hostel near Russell Square. We were a bit nervous for this at first, as we booked a four-person room and we weren’t sure what type of roommates we would have. We lucked out big time! We were sharing a room with a married couple from the States. They were super nice and didn’t mind when we came in a bit late some nights! They did sleep a bunch during the day, but I think they were feeling a bit under the weather. Anyway, the Generator was so cool! It was definitely not what you would expect of a hostel. In most aspects anyway. Like there was still a breakfast line to eat in a cafeteria in the mornings, and the rooms weren’t all that fancy, but it really was a neat place. We probably could have gotten a hotel a bit farther from Central London for cheaper, but for the location you really couldn’t beat the price. Here’s a pic of the cool piano in the lobby of the hostel!

The first place we headed upon arrival in London was Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum… Enough said.

This was one of the main attractions I wanted to see, as noted on my face that never stopped smiling the whole time… The next night we saw Wicked, which was… wicked. I didn’t take any pictures as you’re not allowed… but trust me! Then it was time to move on from the Generator to a hotel closer to Wembley Stadium, and you know what that means… MY BOYS!
We headed on over to Wembley for a night of dancing all night to the best song ever, including the Macarena between 5 Seconds of Summer and 1D. So much fun. Here are a few pics from the night, and please comment below if you would like to see any videos because I certainly have those aplenty as well!

Sadly, the next day we headed home 😦 I didn’t take any pictures of that because who needs to be reminded of such a sad time?! Not I.
So there you have it! A few things are missing that we had done as I was so excited I forgot to take pictures sometimes… But I’ll always have the memories!
So. Now you know all about the marvellous adventures of Kim and Liv across the pond. Hopefully you have been enlightened beyond your wildest dreams and can’t wait to hear about my other adventures. And there are some posts on those in the works…
Until next time!
Liv 🙂

Oh, Canada!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! I imagine you are. I am home from my European adventure, and although I had the best intentions of updating you during the trip, hotel internet can be a bit sketchy sometimes. It did not work in my favour, so now here I am with what I’m sure will be a mammoth post. Without further adieu, here’s what we got up to!

In my last post, I posted some pictures of the Niall Horan Charity Football Challenge in Leicester. So, I’ll start going through my pictures from that point on and just post some of my favourite ones with a little blurb where necessary. Get it? Got it? Good.


So, one of the first things we had to do in London was, obviously, go to afternoon tea. We really enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland themed tea at the Sanderson hotel. Uber expensive, but SO worth it! The dress I’m wearing is from Forever 21, and Kim’s is from Bluenotes (I believe).


After tea, we were already on Oxford Street so we decided to do a bit of shopping. We didn’t buy any cheesy items at all… #primark

Harry looks slightly deformed there, but you get it. We then made a last minute decision to venture down to the London Eye, just as the sun went down.


Here are a few pictures from the next few days of sightseeing. At the end of our first stint in London, we went to a Katy Perry concert at the O2 Arena. I didn’t take any pictures inside as I could only bring my phone and we were too far up. But the bottom right photo is myself all done up for the event!



The morning after Katy Perry, we attempted to catch a train/ferry to Dublin for the next two days. Of course we missed the train. But, there was another shortly after, so we boarded that one with our wallets a bit lighter, through Wales and on to Dublin! These two pictures show where we passed through that town… with the really long name. A lady on the train taught us how to say it! Kind of…
The second picture was a very excited one, as we found Tim Horton’s in Dublin!! For those of you non-Canadians, Tim Horton’s coffee shops are like a national symbol. Don’t ask why.


On June 2nd, we ate some yummy burgers at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and headed off to see McBusted at the O2!


In the morning we treated ourselves to some waffles and gelato for breakfast 🙂

Now. Here is something rather exciting. Not wanting to miss our flight back to London like we had done with the train, we showed up to the airport pretty early. We were in the process of moving some things around in our bags when a stranger approached me. It took me a second, but suddenly it dawned on me who this mystery man was. ‘Twas none other than Mr. James Bourne from Busted!!! He saw me wearing my McBusted shirt from the concert (it’s what happens when you squeeze your suitcase shut and realize you’re still wearing your pyjamas). He came over for a quick chat, and we got a little photo. So cool! I was almost shaking as I called my mom afterward. Please excuse my hideosity in this photo, I didn’t really know what to do with myself!

Okay. This post is getting way too long for my liking. So this was the first week of our trip done, and I’ve decided I’ll cut it here for now. My next post may or may not be about week two, I may save it for later! All depends if I get any ideas in the meantime. Hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the trip so far, and please leave some comments below letting me know if you like this style, if I’m rambling on too much or if there are too many pictures for your taste! I will take it with a grain of salt and try to make the next one even better 🙂

So, until next time,
Liv 🙂 ❤ xx


Hello there!

My internet is rather slow and we are just in the hotel for a few minutes, but I wanted to slap on a couple photos of what we’ve done so far!

So the first thing we did was a bus tour, during which my camera died about 1/3 of the way through but I got a few pictures!

The next day (yesterday) we took the train to Leicester to watch the Niall Horan Charity Football Challenge. You can imagine I just about died when I heard about this event and bought tickets as soon as it was announced! It was raising funds for Irish Autism Action and Hearts and Minds UK, a Scottish arts-in-health organization. As an autism support worker studying to be a clinical therapist, this is a cause that is very near and dear to me! Present at the game were various celebrities and footballers, including Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry, as well as Piers Morgan, Ronan Keating, and Jack Whitehall. Harry wasn’t supposed to be there, so I almost fell over when he ran onto the pitch! It was an AMAZING day.

All in all it has been an amazing trip so far! I will keep y’all posted as time goes on.

Until next time!
Liv xx