DIY Hair Treatment


It may not be fall but it sure feels like it out there. So happy almost autumn! It’s my favourite time of year!

One thing that makes my life difficult is I have a lot of allergies. Part of that means that I have sensitive skin, especially my scalp. I have yet to find an affordable shampoo that doesn’t irritate my head after a few weeks of use!

One of the ways that I help reduce the itch is using hair masks and hot oil treatments. But a lot of these treatments aren’t very budget-friendly. So here’s a recipe for a homemade hot oil treatment that I’m currently loving!

What You’ll Need

  • Coconut Oil
  • Peppermint and Lemon Essential Oils
  • A microwave safe container
  • A plastic grocery bag (optional)
  • Lemon dish soap (optional)
  • How to Get Away with Murder in the background (optional but highly recommended)


1) Add a few spoonfuls of coconut oil to your dish. There are no precise measurements for this, just use as much as you think you’ll need to cover your scalp. Place in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time until it becomes a liquid.

2) Add two drops each of peppermint and lemon essential oil. Stir until well mixed.

3) Dip your fingers in, or pour a small amount into your hand. Massage into your scalp until all the liquid is used. Make sure you are putting the mask onto your actual head and not just your hair. Leave on for 1 hour.

4) This step is optional, but if you want to protect your furniture while you wait, you can cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic grocery bag. It doesn’t look the prettiest, but it works!

5) To ensure your hair isn’t greasy after, you can wash it using dish soap. This will take the oil out of your hair. I usually mix it with a bit of shampoo just to keep some moisture in!

Et voila! Hopefully this little trick will help you if you suffer from a sensitive scalp like me. The reason it works well is because lemon and peppermint essential oils have soothing, cleansing and anti-fungal properties that will hopefully remove whatever is causing the issue.

Happy long weekend, and good luck if you are headed back to school this week!

Liv ❤

Edit: I forgot to mention that I would not do this treatment if you have somewhere to be!! I would recommend washing your hair at least once more to look presentable as the oil tends to cling to the roots.

The Big Secret // Beauty Buys

Hello everyone!

Another week gone by that I’ve been slacking in the blogging department, but what else is new? I figure that this is a hobby, so if some time goes by that I can’t spare a moment to blog, then that will be okay.

I have returned to the blogosphere today because I am dying to tell you about a miracle hair product I have uncovered. For years I have been struggle with hair that becomes greasy very easily, and a scalp that itches when you apply almost any product. I have bought many a clinical shampoo, been checked for head lice multiple times, the lot. But I just couldn’t seem to find a product that worked! Of course I must have looked crazy, taking a scratch at my head when I thought no one was looking, and it can become a pain when you have to wash your hair every day. Until about a week ago. That was when it hit me.

*drumroll please?!*

KIDS’ shampoo! When you think about it, it makes sense, doesn’t it? Kids’ shampoo doesn’t contain as many of the nasty additives, is soft on your hair, and usually comes as 2-in-1 with conditioner. Not only that, but it smells wonderful to boot. I swear, I would go wash my hair again right now just to smell it. It left my hair feeling soft, no itchies on my scalp, and I didn’t have to condition, so no greasy hair! The new kind also does not contain any parabens, which is A+ in my books.

I do tend to have some knotty hair sometimes, but no matter: I’ve found the solution for that too.

This stuff works miracles, and the two products combined leave your hair feeling and smelling fantastic. 
You may think I’m crazy, but I have to tell you, this duo really works. If you’re looking for something that won’t weigh your hair down and is easy on the chemicals, go out and buy this now! At $9 for the two combined, it’s a steal of a deal.
Until next time!
Liv xx