The Round-Up: 5 Apps I’m Loving

Hey y’all,

I’ve decided to start a new series to keep things interesting. Every few weeks, I’ll do a round-up of some things I have been loving over the past while. To start, let’s look at some of my favourite iPhone apps! I have the iPhone 7 Plus, so I do a lot on my phone. You gotta have the right tools to do the job! In no particular order, here we goooo…

1. Instagram

This one probably goes without saying, but I am obsessed with Instagram lately! The fact that so many celebrities and cool people have Instagram and post regularly is what I love most about it. Add in the newer Stories feature, and I’m hooked! I have just created an Insta account for this blog, head on over and give me a follow @livinthecity25 !!

2. 1 Second Everyday

This app is great for making memories! It sends you little reminders every day to take a video, for literally 1 second. So easy! Whenever you want, you can make your clips into a continuous video that shows all of your memories together! If you forget to take a video, you can also use a picture. I’m doing this every day for my year of being 25!


(Screenshot is not my actual budget… I wish!

Alright, this one is not just an app, but it has changed my life.Β YNAB stands for “You Need a Budget” and it’s the bomb. This budget app/website/software is based on the envelope method of budgeting. You don’t really budget into the future, you simply budget what you already have in your account. Then, it keeps track of your purchases to let you know how much you have left in each category. It does cost a subscription fee, but only if you want to automatically import your bank transactions. I’ve been just typing my transactions in manually, as it doesn’t seem to connect well with my bank. If you’re trying to figure your financial life out, this is definitely helpful to do that!

4. PC Plus

PC Plus is just the best. If you shop at Superstore, Loblaws, No Frills, etc then this app is for you. Just scan your card whenever you shop, and eventually you’ll start getting offers for points on things you would actually buy. It’s personalized! However, I get most of my points from buying gas! My best friend told me about this, and I haven’t looked back since. For Gas Bar locations at the stores, you get 50 points per litre of gas. That adds up fast! Before you know it, you’ve got some free groceries. Happy point hunting!

5. Libby

Now this one is COOL! If your library participates in this, it’s a quick and easy way to download ebooks for freeeee! Just log in using your library card, and you can check out ebooks just like a regular book. Just like at the library, there are only a certain number of copies of each book, so you’ll have to place a hold if they’re all checked out. But it definitely beats paying big money, and so convenient for traveling! Enjoy your next book!

And there you have it! My top 5 apps of the moment. Let me know in the comments, what apps are you loving lately?

Until next time,

Liv πŸ™‚

Stop Comparing and Start Living

Have you ever compared yourself, and where you are in life, to others? Has it made you feel pretty bummed? This is a major struggle I’m facing right now. I’m 25, and I don’t have a house, I don’t have a boyfriend, and basically I don’t fully have my shit together yet. So for the past few days I’ve really been working hard to try and put things into perspective. 

There is always going to be a time where someone has more, or better things in life. It doesn’t matter what I do. All I need to do is think really hard about what is important to me, and go from there. I may not have a house. But right now I’m sitting on my balcony with my freshly planted flowers and carefully hung twinkle lights, writing this while my puppy sleeps beside me. I may not have a boyfriend, but I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. I may not have my financial situation fully together, but I’ve been on some of the most amazing trips and had the best experiences. If that’s what makes me happy, then I need to stop comparing, and start living!

If you’re reading this and it’s ringing a bell, I’d love to hear how you deal with this struggle, in the comments below!

Until next time,


25th Year Bucket List

Hello world!

So, the day has come… I’m officially 25. With this new city, new job, and pretty much a new chapter in life, I decided to set some goals for this milestone year. I started with a goal of 25 things (for the aesthetic appeal) but I was having a hard time coming up with that many worthy aspirations! So, without further ado, here is my list of 10 things I want to do in my 25th year. It was harder than you might think to come up with even 10!!!

  1. Check out some parks in/around the city – there are a lot of beautiful, dogs off-leash parks around the area, and I can’t wait to explore them this summer!
  2. Investigate the food truck scene (and blog about it!)
  3. Save money – my ultimate goal in a few years is to buy a house, so it’s time to start saving that pesky down payment! Hopefully having my friend move in this summer will help with this.
  4. Meet new people – I’ve pretty much stuck with the same friend group since university, and since all of my other friends are back home, it’s time to expand the circle!
  5. Take a trip – this city’s airport is much bigger and has lots of options for flights, so I’d like to take a trip somewhere and take advantage of the flight deals! So far, I have a trip to Boston planned for my birthday next year, to see Harry Styles! Although, we’ll be driving for that.
  6. Try new food – this probably won’t help the saving money thing… but I am notorious for sticking to chain restaurants, and it’s time to branch out!
  7. Feel okay to say ‘no’ – People may ask me to do a lot of things…. but I can say no and not feel bad about it!
  8. Visit a brewery or winery – I don’t know, I’m just intrigued!
  9. Make my new place feel like home – right now it still feels like a mish mash of my things with no rhyme or reason.
  10. Feel okay to say no, but try to say ‘yes’ more too! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

Here I go on what I hope to be the best year ever!

Until next time!

Liv πŸ™‚

What’s Happening?

Hey there beautiful people! It’s me, and I bet you’re shocked to see I’m still alive! If you followed me over here from my old address, thanks for taking the leap with me. And if you’re new here, welcome! I’m Olivia. I post very sporadically, and I just share my thoughts and the occasional adventure! But this return to blogging at this time is not a coincidence…

This week marks my last few days of being 24… Next Sunday I turn TWENTY-FIVE???? If any of you have passed this milestone, then you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for freaking out about this, but to me it’s a big deal! Now, since the last time I blogged over on my old site, a lot has changed. Last March I got a dog, I moved out of my parents place, and then a year later… I have gotten a new job about 4 hours from home, and I’ve moved to the “big city”! No… not New York or Toronto. I’m still in Canada, and the city actually isn’t all that big, but for me it’s a huge change. And I am loving it! As of right now, I’m not going to mention which city for privacy reasons, but if you’re from this area you’ll probably figure it out pretty quickly. 

So, I’ve been given this amazing opportunity to work at an incredible job, in a beautiful, gorgeous city, and I’m turning 25. I’ve got a new lease on life, and I want to share it with you! I’ve committed myself to a year of blogging, and I hope I can keep up with it. Notice that I didn’t say how often πŸ˜‰ but I am really looking forward to the journey!

The next time you hear from me, I’ll be a quarter-century old… here goes nothing!!!

Until next time,


Autism Speaks

Hey everyone!

It’s getting close to Halloween, aka my favourite time of year, and I am super excited! My friend and I are dressing up as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but we’re not going anywhere…. we’ll just be handing out treats at my house! What are your plans for Halloween?

I have recently been promoted to management at my job, and as such I have been doing training for the last couple of weeks. For anyone who doesn’t know, I work at a treatment clinic for preschool-aged children with autism. I am very passionate about this field, and I absolutely love my job and all of the kiddos I see!

As part of my training, we watched a BBC show about a girl named Rosie, who lives in the UK and has autism. When I saw this, it really struck a chord with me. I always find it so heart wrenching when we get to hear about autism from a person who is able to explain how their mind works and what they are experiencing. This is just a short video, but it is really eye-opening and I really encourage you to give it a watch!

Another great movie that helps explain how people with autism think and feel is Temple Grandin. This is about a real woman in Arizona who was very interested in cattle, and with her unique way of thinking was able to imagine and build systems that many farmers at the time could never dream of!

So, I just wanted to share something with you today that I am really passionate about, but I also want to know what you love! Let me know with some lovely comments πŸ™‚

Until next time!
Liv xx

Run or Dye… But Mostly Die.

Hello there!

As you may recall, I had mentioned a while back (about February time) that I was going to be doing the Run or Dye 5k in June. Well, I did it! And it was HARD. To start, I was fully expecting it to take place on roads, so I thought nothing of wearing my Toms so that my new sneakers wouldn’t get dirty. However, it was actually on grass… and it had just rained. But I slid onward. Not only were we on grass, but also a SKI HILL. We walked downhill, uphill, around hill, and even fell on my hiney a time or two. At every kilometre, we were covered in powdered dye, and that was so much fun! We ended up missing one colour as I was too winded to make it up and down one hill, so we just cut through the trail markers and kept going! Anyway, I am very proud to say that I finished the Run or Dye 5K, and here are a few pictures to prove it! (All of these were taken before or after as I didn’t want to get my phone dirty!)

See you soon!
Liv xox

We’re All One Big Family

Hello there everyone!

I have had a very busy few weeks indeed. But they have certainly been wonderful! I wanted to tell you one of the reasons for that today… I have two new family members!

About two months and one month ago, respectively, I welcomed two precious little ones into my home in the form of… GUINEA PIGS!!!!

Bubbles and Archie are the new loves of my life, they are literally the cutest things I have ever owned. I got them out of a pretty frightful pet store situation (18 of them in one tank thing… yikes!) and had to spend a small fortune at the vet’s getting them free of lice and mites. But now they are healthy little piggies and I love them to pieces! The only thing is, they are just babies and they don’t always let me hold them.. at all! Anyone know about this? Comment below if ya do πŸ™‚

There’s only so much you can say about guinea pigs really, so I’ll let these few pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Bubbles (left) and Archie (right) having a stare-down… they aren’t always the best of friends.

Until next time,
Liv, Bubbles, and Archie ❀

How Ya Doin’?


Yes, it’s me, Liv. Please don’t hurt me, I know it’s been a while.

Do you ever get this grand, fun idea in your head, but then when you try really hard at it, it’s not so fun anymore? When I started this blog, I had this grand notion of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows all the time. But I got so caught up in writing the right thing, or trying to sound a certain way, that this did not become the case. Blogging kind of lost its appeal because it just became so dang hard!

Here’s what I’m thinking. Who says blogging can’t be unicorns and gumdrops? And why should I ever try to be something I’m not? It’s all quite silly, the stress I put on myself. So, from now on I will continue to write, as 100% me. It might get a little weird, and you might not always be particularly enthused by the material, but I’m going to give it a fair shot.

Get ready world, it’s about to get crazy.

Until next time (and by next time I mean at some point in the next 5 hours),
Liv πŸ™‚

First Update // Liv Loses

Hello there!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have begun the slow and steady journey that is weight loss. Today, I just thought I would give you a bit of an update!

To be honest, the last month or so has been completely horrible when it came to my quest. Since I am living back home for the moment, I’ve filled up my schedule with activities I couldn’t do when away at school. This has been great, but since taking a second job it has been entirely too much. Due to being absolutely exhausted all of the time, I have been constantly sick in some form for at least three weeks now! What a drag. Time management has never been one of my strong suits, and it’s beginning to catch up with me for sure.

So, let’s start again, shall we? I’m still not all the way back up to my starting weight, so let’s get cracking. This is a rather boring update, but I did say I’d be keeping myself accountable on here!

Until the next (hopefully better) time,
Liv xx